Top 10 most liberal U.S. Cities. Where is your city? Portland isn’t #1

Top 10 most liberal U.S. Cities. Portland, Oregon isn’t #1. Where is your city?

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This is my Vlog and list channel about my family, friends and Portland, Oregon. We live a fun filled life in and around Portland. Over the years we have surrounded ourselves with good people that you might see in the Vlog. Sit back and enjoy this crazy life and my lists and guides to everything Portland. You are always welcome.
Me: Graveyard Jim or Jim, Jimmy or dad. I am an ex-soldier and stand up comic.

Wife: Gina or Trixie, Trix or mom. This woman needs an award for the life I have forced on her. She works in health care

Son 1: Thorin, Specialist Briggs or Thor. He is a Paratrooper in Italy for the U.S Army

Daughter: Honor or Sweet Pea. My baby girl. She is 20 and a new mom to Maisy

Son 2: Ronin or Ro Ro. High School Student and video game enthusiast.

Grand baby: Maisy or Baby Polar Bear. She has crazy hair and loves the bath tub.

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