Train across USA: #2 Coast Starlight sleeper class with wine-tasting–Portland-Sacramento 2016-05-09

Ready for on-board parlour-car wine-tasting? A Coast Starlight train–Amtrak’s signature long-haul West Coast service with wine-tasting in sleeper class–leaves Union Station of Portland, Oregon destined for Los Angeles. Wine-tasting begins shortly after departure ..

Amtrak’s guide to highlights of this route, the Coast Starlight route:

Online passenger reviews of the Coast Starlight:

This video series covers its trip from the largest city in the state of Oregon, past Willamette Falls at Oregon City, south in the Willamette Valley to Eugene, east to Cascade Summit and, overnight, south to Sacramento, California.

The cross-country trip began in Seattle on a previous video, and continues east, after Sacramento, on subsequent videos on Amtrak’s California Zephyr through Nevada, Utah,, and the Great Plains, before crossing the Mississippi River into Illinois and, a few hours after that, arriving in Chicago.

After yet one more night, Amtrak’s The City of New Orleans signature service arrives at its destination of New Orleans, Louisiana.

This video cover the Portland-to-Sacramento section of this multi-train rail journey. On board service and amenities are announced at appropriate times. These are supplemented and additional highlights are introduced by the time-stamp log below and by on-screen annotations throughout the video.

On the Coast Starlight, Parlour Car access (where a fee-based wine-tasting hour is offered south of Portland–shown in this video) is exclusively for business class and sleeping car passengers.

0:01 Leaving Portland Union Station
2:18 Cafe car service anouncement
2:25 Crossing Willamette River to east Portland
7:30 Entering Oregon City, OR
8:42-8:55 Willamette Falls, OR – 40′ / 12m high
9:12-9:50 Power plant & paper mill
10:00 Dining car service announcement
10:50 Wine-tasting beginning
14:20 Arriving Salem, OR
14:28 Parlour Car dinner service announcement
15:55 Dining car dinner service announcement
16:40 Parlour Car dinner service announcement
17:20 Complete view of Parlour Car & Willamette Valley countryside south of Salem, OR
17:17 Wine-tasting ending
18:10 Albany, OR arrival announcement
19:38 Arriving Albany, OR
22:10 Leaving Albany, OR
27:15 Start of dining car service announcement
30:20 Arriving Eugene, OR
30:48 Leaving Eugene, OR
31:40-31:58 Dinner service
31:59-36:45 Lookout Point Lake (reservoir)
36:46-37:20 Oakridge, OR
37:30 Start of horseshoe-curve climb of 3,600 feet in 44 miles / 1,100 metres in 70 km through 19 tunnels to Cascade Summit
40:50-41:53 Dusk over Oregon Cascade Range
41:25-41:55 Brief late-night stop at Dumsmuir, California
42:55-43:33 Dawn in Sacramento Valley, CA
46:20-46:40 Blue Diamond (almond) Growers factory, Sacramento, CA
50:30 Arriving at Sacramento CA station
52:25 First Wi Fi access in over 24 hours, free with Starbucks coffee purchase next to train station

URL to playlist of this entire trip:

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