Architectural Heritage Center

Architectural Heritage CenterThe Architectural Heritage Center is a non-profit resource nexus for historic preservation owned and operated by the Bosco Milligan Foundation. As “home base” for heritage conservation in the Portland, Oregon metro area, the AHC hosts dozens of programs, tours, and exhibits each year which help peopleappreciate, restore, and maintain older and historic buildings, neighborhoods, and traditional commercial areas. The AHC is also steward of one of the largest collections of architectural artifacts in the United States, maintains a research library, and hosts monthly art exhibits which honor the historic and creative legacy of its founders, Jerry Bosco and Ben Milligan.

Crafted by the AHC is made conceivable just through commitments from a group of individuals and givers who bolster conservation of our memorable building conventions, and the craftsmanship, culture, and natural manageability they speak to. Around 82% of the association’s financial plan is given by people,

The Architectural Heritage Center’s main goal is to safeguard the noteworthy character and bearableness of our manufactured condition, and to advance maintainability through the re-utilization of period homes and buildings. Owned and worked by the non-benefit Bosco-Milligan Foundation, we engage individuals in the Portland locale to protect both point of interest structures and the consistent vintage homes and retail facades that all things considered characterize our neighborhoods, culture, history, and personal satisfaction.


Architectural Heritage Center
701 SE Grand Avenue Portland
OR 97214
503 231-7264


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