Profile Theatre

profile theatreProfile Theatre was founded in 1997 with the mission of celebrating the playwright’s contribution to live theater. In 14 years, Profile has grown to be one of the most significant theatre companies in Portland, with a reputation for bringing intelligence, excellence, and passion to the stage. We’ve done things a bit differently from other theatres in town. Each year we have showcased a single playwright, giving our audiences the opportunity to enter the writer’s world for a full season – to experience each play as part of a flowing dialogue, seeing the important connections that help us to grow and learn and understand.

Profile Theatre is committed to hiring local, professional actors, designers and directors. Over the course of our fourteen years, we have showcased the immense talent of Portland area artists. Our 2010-11 season was no exception. Here are just a handful of the great artists seen on the Profile stage, or whose behind-the-scenes artistry was integral to our productions.

  • Scott Yarbrough
  • Todd Van Voris
  • Tim True
  • Pat Patton
  • Ana Reiselman
  • Leif Norby
  • Tobias Andersen
  • Shelly Lipkin


Theater! Theatre! Building
3430 SE Belmont St.
Portland, OR 97214


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