Teardrop Cocktail Lounge

Teardrop Cocktail LoungeTeardrop Cocktail Lounge offers lovingly made libations in the heart of Portland’s Pearl District. Our mission is to help revive the lost art of mixing drinks, striving for balance in every glass. Each day we craft mixers by hand a selection of specialty liqueurs, syrups, digestifs, and vermouths, as well as a dizzying array of bitters and tinctures to respect the quality and character of each spirit. From a profound respect for the classics to the adventure of unique flavor combinations, ours is a perpetual quest for the new frontier of the cocktail.

We use only local produce, the freshest ingredients, and natural sugars, with a constant nod to the seasons that make up Oregon’s landscape. These passions find their home in our sensuously curved island bar, where conversations abound and drinking is elevated to a culinary experience.

Hearkening to the Golden Era of bartending, the Teardrop crew strives for the highest level of craftsmanship. Our belief in the cocktail renaissance takes as its inspiration First Principles, careful attention to technique, and a detailed familiarity with a dizzying array of classic drinks and the history that attends our profession. We take many lessons from the kitchen, but especially from the Golden Rule: the finished product relies entirely upon the quality of source ingredients. Hence our pride in a profound knowledge of all spirits at our disposal, but also our insistence for only the freshest produce, hand-squeezed and prepared à la minute.

Teardrop Cocktail Lounge

Our menu reflects this respect for our origins, with a broad spectrum of cocktails from the previous two centuries. But it also includes a page of original drinks created by some of our expertly talented friends from around the country, emphasizing the greater community-at-large that continues to inspire us to elevate our skill and knowledge behind the bar. But what makes Teardrop Cocktail Lounge such a unique experience are the original creations, driven by the seasons & the need to continually evolve. Drinks that reflect a moment in time, but also the place that is Portland, Oregon.

With cocktails like this, it’s easy to overlook the kitchen; but our chef, Mark Young, brings a sublime and honest menu to our labors. He has cultivated relationships of mutual respect with farmers and ranchers in the Portland area to ensure our fare stays rooted in the here and now. He is the driving force in the cocktail pairing dinners we host every few months, and he is the reason for the harmony between food and drink to be found at Teardrop.

Opening Hours:

mon – sat: 04:00 pm – close

happy hour:
mon – fri: 04:00 – 07:0 pm


Teardrop Cocktail Lounge
1015 nw everett street
portland, or 97209
503 445-8109


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